Photos and Videos

Golden K Book Processing and Distribution

Twenty Golden K Kiwanians and associates processed 2,100 books on October 1, 2014, at the home of Gloria and John Hoehne.  These books, obtained from First Book National Book Bank for the cost of shipping, were distributed to 30 child care centers and other organizations serving young children in Columbia, such as Title One Schools, MU Jumpstart and Voluntary Action Center.

Fern Parrish and Penny Braun

Gloria Hoehne with Pooh book

Verel Benson

Jim Boillot, Myron Bennett, Pete Easterhaus and Jim Frisby

Marsha Sisson and Fern Parrish

Tom Sisson and Jim Rhodes

John Hoehne, Myron Bennett, Gordon Brown

Milt Bailey

John Hoehne and Jim Rhodes