Fall 2017

Student Coordinator: Jiayin Hu

Time and Location: Tuesday 2:00pm - 3:00pm, IAB 1102


  • Sep 5    Sakai Ando (Practice Job Talk)
            "Size-dependent Policies & Efficient Firm Creation"
  • Sep 12  Leo Lijun Wang
            "Customer Concentration and Firm Value - Is There Value in Having Small Customers?" (with Minchin Zheng)
  • Sep 19  Misaki Matsumura
            "Public Pension Reforms and Household Savings"
  • Sep 26  Ryan Kim (Practice Job Talk)
           "The Effect of the Credit Crunch on Output Price Dynamics: The Corporate Inventory and Liquidity Management Channel"
  • Oct 3    Zoi Melina Papoutsi (Practice Job Talk)
            "Personal Relations in Loan Renegotiation: Evidence from Corporate Loans"
  • Oct 10  Terence Odean (PER Visitor)
            "Do Day Traders Rationally Learn About Their Ability?"
  • Oct 17  Nancy Ran Xu (Practice Job Talk)
            "Global Risk Aversion and International Return Comovements"
  • Oct 24  Jiayin Hu
            "Discretionary Regulation on the Shadow Banking System"
  • Oct 31   Andy Pham
            "Exchange Rates and Intermediary Based Asset Pricing"
  • Nov 7   University Holiday - Election Day
  • Nov 14  Jon Zytnick
            "The Effect of Removal of Negative Credit Report Information"
  • Nov 21  Thanksgiving Week - No Meeting
  • Nov 28  Polina Dovman
            "Does Index Trade Affect Information Choices?"
  • Dec 5    Fernando Luz Barbosa
            "Stock Lending and Informational Advantage"