Spring 2017

Student Coordinator: Seunghoon Na

Time and Location: Tuesday 2:00pm - 3:00pm, IAB 1102


  • Jan 17  Open
  • Jan 24  Open
  • Jan 31  Michaela Pagel
            "Fresh Air Eases Work – The Effect of Air Quality on Individual Investor Activity”
  • Feb 7   Seunghoon Na
            "Central Banking in the Era of Financial Globalization"
  • Feb 14  Cynthia Balloch
            "Testing Financial Constraints: Bond Market Liberalization in Japan"
  • Feb 21  Andy Pham
            "Monetary Policy, Global Banks, and Capital Flows"
  • Feb 28  Jon Zytnick
            "Minimum Wage, Corporate Profits, and CEO Pay"
  • Mar 7   Tuo Chen
            "TFP Declining Puzzle: Misallocation vs. Mismeasurement"
  • Mar 14  Spring Recess
  • Mar 21   Jiayin Hu
            "Regulating the Shadow Banking System"
  • Mar 28  Yang Jiao
            "Banking Crisis, Bailout and Optimal Exchange Rate Policy in Open Economies"
  • Mar 30  Kai Li
            "Pay Secrecy Laws and Corporate Innovation"
  • Apr 4    Gilles Chemla
            "The Paradox of Policy-Relevant RCTs and Natural Experiments"
  • Apr 11  Melina Papoutsi
            "Personal Relations in Loan Renegotiation Evidence from Corporate Loans"
  • Apr 18  Jing Zhou
            "Capital Control in Banking Crisis: Inflow, Outflow and Maturity Structure"
  • Apr 25  Polina Dovman
            "The feedback effect of index trade"