Every property management owner wants to get the most out of their rentals before things need to start being replaced. Carpet is one of the most important things to make last as long as possible. In most cases the carpet in a rental property is only cleaned after the old tenants move out and before the new ones move in. But that can be years in between cleanings sometimes. Most carpets in a rental situation just can't handle that kind of harsh environment.

    Columbia Cleaning Systems offers options to help you, the property management, to get your money's worth for the flooring you have in your rental's. We offer a payment plan for the new tenant to either have incorporated into a lease agreement or a separate agreement to have a small amount added to their rent payment each month so that at the end of each year they live there they can have their carpet's cleaned which has been paid in full from the payments made each month. 

    If that option is unavailable, then we can set up a special rate for the property management to pay for the carpets to be cleaned on a yearly basis. Having the carpets replaced in a rental can cost a thousand dollars and even more. Being able to extend the life of the carpet three, four, or five years and even longer for just a few dollars a month can save the property owner not just the expense but the time and hassle of getting the carpets replaced.