If you would like to perform in one of our concerts, please sign up here! Our concerts are open to students affiliated with any Columbia University school. We accept both solo and chamber works. There are no official auditions. We strongly encourage interested musicians to sign up, perform, and invite their friends to support them and the rest of the performers!

Music Classes:

Music Humanities instructors and other music teachers often welcome musicians to perform for their students, to bring to life the curriculum and make the subject more personal. If you'd be interested in this opportunity, please email us a list of pieces you are comfortable playing and speaking about in a small classroom setting, and we can then forward it to the teachers. 

In particular, Kristy Barbacane is teaching Intro to Music II at Barnard during Spring 2014 (T/R 8:40-9:55 am), focusing on music from the Classical period to 21st century. If you would like to play for her class, you can email her directly at

St. Luke's Hospital Performances:

St. Luke's Hospital (Amsterdam & 114th) is looking for performers for one-time gigs or an as-available basis for patients. If you're interested in helping out a good cause, gaining performance experience or volunteer hours for medical school, please sign up using this form! Groups and soloists welcome. 

Questions? Email us