Welcome to the CCSC Portal

The purpose of this site is to not only serve as an archive for the current CCSC term, but also establish greater institutional memory from year to year. Please take the time and energy to upload and organize documents and semesterly reports. Thank you!

Current Executive Board, 2012-2013
>> ccsc@columbia.edu
 President Karishma Habbu, CC'13 kah2167@columbia.edu
 VP Policy Will Hughes, CC'13 wmh2116@columbia.edu
 VP Finance Daphne Chen, CC'14 dlc2146@columbia.edu
 VP Communications
 Jared Odessky, CC'15 jho2115@columbia.edu
 VP Campus Life Yanyi Luo, CC'13 yl2504@columbia.edu

If you have questions regarding the past years, please feel free to reach out to the relevant past president:
 2012-2013 Aki Terasaki att2114@columbia.edu  

 2010-2011 Learned Foote lmf2122@columbia.edu
 2009-2010 Sue Yang sueyang2010@gmail.com
 2008-2009 George Krebs gak2105@columbia.edu
 2007-2008 Michelle Diamond  michelle.nicole.diamond@gmail.com
 2006-2007 Seth Flaxman sethflaxman@gmail.com
 2005-2006 Michelle Oh oh.michelle@gmail.com
 2004-2005 Matthew Harrison     albeitmatthew@gmail.com
 2003-2004 Miklos Vasarhelyi MVasarhelyi12@gsb.columbia.edu
 2002-2003 Michael Novielli columbianovi@gmail.com
 2001-2002 Michael Novielli columbianovi@gmail.com