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This web site contains news and activities for the adolescent faith formation at Christ Our Light Church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Please use this site as a resource. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact me. I'm looking forward to a GREAT year!

You are God's Handiwork


Edmodo and Online Essential Questions

This year our essential questions are going green - they will be online. We will use Edmodo as our online learning platform for assigning, collecting and rating essential questions.

It is very important to use our Youth Faith Formation site for Edmodo: and not the main Edmodo site for creating an account, joining classes and submitting essential questions.

With every class session, you will be assigned an essential question to reflect on and to develop a response to it. The response can either be submitted as a post after clicking the Turn It In button or by submitting it in a Word document format (.doc) or in a PowerPoint format (.ppt). 

After the response has been created and saved, the document is submitted by logging into Edmodo and turning it in.

A tutorial on turning in assignments in Edmodo can be found at

Essential Question responses will be due the Saturday after you meet - by 11:59 pm. 

Since students are reflecting, their response should have at least two paragraphs

  •  Avoid one or two sentences per paragraph
  • Students may be asked to redo/resubmit work if the response is incomplete or too short

Student work will be rated on a four point scale:
1 = incomplete: very little content and/or reflection
2 = developing: content and/or reflection needs improvement
3 = complete: content and/or reflection shows thoughtfulness and examples from real life were included
4 = outstanding: content and/or reflection shows a great deal of thoughtfulness and examples from real life were included

If you need to resubmit an assignment, you can follow the directions posted at

Students will rotate though three mini-courses (four sessions per course) and they will have four essential questions per mini-course. During the year, students will be part of three classes/courses in Edmodo.

Edmodo has online student and parent manuals:

The Edmodo Student Manual can be accessed at

Parents can also have accounts. An Edmodo Parent Manual can be accessed at

Essential Questions

Essential questions require you to either make a decision or plan a course of action. Questions for making a decision would begin with "Should...?" or "Which...?" Questions for planning a course of action would start with "How...?", "Why...?", or "What if...?".

In order to answer an essential question, you begin by asking foundation questions. Foundation questions are the "What is/are?" types of questions. They provide factual information and help answer the essential question.

The list of essential questions for both 7th and 8th grade can be reviewed by selecting the links in the left navigation bar for essential questions.

Weekly Process

There are three mini-courses being offered this year: faith, morality and vocation for Grade 8 and inclusion/self-respect, social justice and world religions for Grade 7. Each mini-course is four sessions or meetings. Each student will change mini-courses after four sessions so that by the end of the year, every student will experience all three mini-courses. Every evening when you have class, you will have one session and a large group activity. Based on what you learned and experienced that evening, you will be given an essential question to consider. In order to answer the essential question, you should think of foundation questions. By researching and answering the foundation questions, you begin to answer the essential question. After all the research and answers are complete, you then create a response to your essential question by either posting it after clicking the Turn In button or by submitting it in either a Word (.doc) or PowerPoint (.ppt) document. This document will be submitted through Edmodo.

A tutorial on turning in assignments in Edmodo can be found at

If you need to resubmit an assignment, you can follow the directions posted at


In class you learned about the importance of prayer and an introduction to the Bible. You also read the gospel for the week which is Matthew 20:1-16, The Laborers in the Vineyard and discussed the Question of the Week for the Parish, which is: "The master in the vineyard is very generous. How can you be like him?" In the large group activity, you made sandwiches for the soup kitchen in Camden.

You are given the following question, "How could prayer make a difference in my life?" (essential question)

To answer this, you might ask some foundation questions: "What is prayer?", "What is the power of prayer?", "How important was prayer to Jesus - did prayer make a difference in his life?", and "What kind of difference did prayer make in the lives of the saints?" (research a few). After researching the answers to these questions, you would create a response and include these questions and answers in your work. After you have finished writing your response, save it and submit it in Edmodo.

Reflection Length

Since an essential question needs several foundation questions and research, your response can not be just a few sentences or a single paragraph! It should be several paragraphs.


It's pretty tempting to search the internet for information and then "cut and paste" that information into your reflection. However, cheating is wrong - especially on religion homework! And the person you are cheating the most is yourself because you are not giving yourself the chance to express and develop your thoughts and faith. There aren't very many moments in life when you are given an opportunity to express your thoughts about your faith knowing that someone will listen. We value you and your faith. Please do your own work and give yourself an opportunity to share your thoughts and faith with us.


These articles discuss Confirmation


Use these resources as part of your research

     In thought, faith
     In word, wisdom
     In deed, courage
     In life, service

 - Author Unknown -

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