The Vowel Sounds in Color

e i a e i a o er u o oo u oy ow

Bee Bid Bay Bed Bide Bad Boss Bird Bud Bone Book Boo Boy Bough


Welcome to Carjug's reading website. This site will be useful to you if you have a reading problem. English is hard to read. 40% of English words are oddly spelled. Words like who, what, and where cause problems for people with reading trouble because they cannot be sounded out. Vowel sounds are the worst offenders with over 500 common spellings. This website uses color to prevent reading mistakes caused by oddly spelled words. People learn best by doing things right, not wasting time sounding out. Start  by  spending 15 minutes reading these Tongue Twisters and poems

  Tongue Twisters      Patriotic Stuff     This Land is Your Land

   If you enjoy reading with color help, read as many of the poems as possible, then re-read them in black and white. This will improve your reading speed and sight word vocabulary. If you did not enjoy the color, try listening to recorded books, enjoy non-fiction that interests you, and read aloud for 15 minutes every day to train your brain.


Warm Ups, Start Reading Better With These:
The House That Jack Built   Patriotic Stuff   This Land is Your Land
Casey at the Bat   The Road Not Taken   Sam McGee

oes Color Work For You? There's More!
old Rush Stuff
Barbedwire Bill   Bird   Blasphemous Bill   Dan McGrew
The Men That Don't Fit In   I'm Scared

ust For Kids
The Gingham Dog    Orphan Annie   Jellyfish Stew   Wynken Blynken and Nod
The Adventures of Isabel

or the Girls: Dorothy Parker

ipwrecks and War
The Wreck of the Hesparus    Oh Captain!   Paul Revere's Ride
Gunga Din   Charge of the Light Brigade

Everything Else
Creation   Woodsman Spare that Tree   The Night Before Christmas
Mother to Son   Banana Man   The Lady of Shallot   Tonight at Noon
Hiawatha's Childhood

  A Teacher Who Uses Color: Ann Turner
Please send any input to : carjug@yahoo.com


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