The Way I See It is a series of kind-of annual mixes of soul 45s collected during a year, or that made their way into consciousness during that year.

These mixes are an outlet for me to express how I listen to soul music, and to share with people what I'm into. 

You can checkout some of the covers on Flickr here.

And if you like this kind of thing, then you might also be interested the labels I'm involved with: Roundtable & Votary.

Volume VIII (2008) : This was also my Waxidermy mix from 2008.

  1. Stolen Water Ain't Sweet by Happi Days
  2. Ball Of Confusion by The Harrison High School Accapella Choir
  3. Lost In The Wilderness by Richard Blandon & The Dubs
  4. Man From Soul by Frankie & The Damons
  5. Fishman by The Beginning Of The End
  6. The Bridge by Sweet Gruves & The Candy Man
  7. I Wish You Would Start by Mantis
  8. Let's Live Together by Sunbust
  9. Turn Here by Eddie & Ernie
  10. I'm Beholding by The Collectors
  11. Lady In Waiting by Music N Motion
  12. Sad Times by Wyle Dixon & The Wheels
  13. All Alone by Derrick Erni
  14. Please Stand By Me by The Glory Airs Singers
  15. God Will Provide For His Own by The Famous Rocks of Harmony of New Orleans, LA
  16. If You Miss Me by Soul Revivals
  17. Trust In Me Baby by Soul Superiors
  18. I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another by Darling Dears & Heavy Production
  19. Taste Of Your Love by Symbolics
  20. Do You Love Me Girl by Johnny Burt
Volume X (2010)
  1. Big Head by LG & The Incredible Soul Seekers
  2. If I Were Your Woman by The Soulettes
  3. Advice by Five Towns
  4. If You Leave by Montecarlos
  5. You Don't Know by The Movements
  6. Sippin A Cup Of Coffee by The Ordells
  7. Ooh Baby by Douglass High School Concert Band
  8. Understand by The Living Us
  9. I'll Understand by Debbie & Lewis
  10. Trust Me by Aged In Harmony
  11. Miss You by Zodiac
  12. Mellow Funk by The Ace Players
  13. I Don't Want To Be Alone Tonight by Friends & Strangers
  14. Get Next To You by Everyday People
  15. You Can Tell Me Goodbye by Bernetia Miller
  16. Once I Was A Colored Man by Maurice Brooks
  17. Walk Out The Door by The Tylons
  18. Hang Ups by Johny Starr
  19. Heart Full Of Love by The Invincibles
  20. Slowburner by Swithold
Volume IX (2009)
  1. Intro
  2. No I Don't Really Want It by Frank J Garcia
  3. It's Just A Dream by Up-Tights
  4. You Told A Lie by Johnny Sayles
  5. We Should Thank The Lord by Lovers Of God
  6. These Are The Things by The Emulations
  7. I'm Not Going To Be Anybody's Fool by Harlem Meat Company
  8. Games Too Cold Blues by Richie Cee
  9. Love, Love, Love by Third Flight
  10. 'Cause I Love You by The Berganees
  11. Love is gonna rain down on me by Third Generation
  12. Get It On by George Campbell & Kools Five
  13. Trippin' On You by Shirley Johnson
  14. Love Is The Answer by Soul Explosion
  15. Interlude
  16. Once Again My Girl Is Gone by Little Tommy Payton
  17. Gotta Be Loved by Herman Davis
  18. Love and care by The Cold Four
  19. Hard Way To Go by Nick Allen
  20. Talkin' by Vee Gees
  21. Old Time Religion by The Sensational Flames Of Harmony
  1. We've Got More Soul by District Of Evolution
  2. Next Time by Larry Dixon
  3. Soldier by The New Corinthians
  4. Life by Sole Inspiration
  5. Stay by Iron Force
  6. Keep On Walking by The Main Attraction
  7. That's Life by Williams Brothers
  8. Wake Up (You're Sleeping A Bit Too Late) by CQCs
  9. Why Can't I Get Over You by Trademarks
  10. Hangin' In by John Harris & The Soul Sayers
  11. If I Could Influence Man by Optimistics
  12. Words To My Song by Dry Bread
  13. Old Man Me by Frank Hutson
  14. There He Is by Dream Team
  15. Black Gold by William Ferguson
  16. That Smile Upon Your Face by Leonard Adair
  17. Heartaches And Pain by Rev Harvey Gates
  18. Sweet Poison by Iron Force
This mix was based on preceding volumes but was made for a different audience
so I c
hose freely without regard to the year collected.
  1. Intro
  2. Color One Tear Black Part 1 by Double O's Demingos
  3. Trouble by The Lost Weekend
  4. Summertime by Sojourner Truth
  5. Sister Africa by Primitive
  6. The Name Is Spectrum by Spectrum
  7. I thank you Lord by Little Chris & The Righteous Singers
  8. Of My Hands by Goretti Singers with Maria Alonzo
  9. Empty World by Matata
  10. Double Trouble by Otis Rush
  11. Interlude
  12. To make me happy by Godfather Strivers
  13. Joy into my life by Bert Barnett And Columbia
  14. Disco from a space show by Guitar Red
  15. I'm gonna love you anyway by Cold Fire Inc
  16. Love Parable by David Lee Jnr
  17. Woke Up School Rock Band
  18. Distant Visions by Burk Price
  1. Your star by Gene & The Jeanettes
  2. What can the matter be by Tokay Lewis
  3. Summertime by Sojourner Truth
  4. Get down by The Montereys
  5. You can't hide the truth by The Hustlers 1970
  6. This whole world is going down by Modulations
  7. You can't hide (from my love) by Demon Funk
  8. Love Episode by The Strivers Show Band
  9. Third Rock by Essence
  10. I thank you Lord by Little Chris & The Righteous Singers
  11. To make me happy by Godfather Strivers
  12. Joy Into My Life by Bert Barnett And Columbia
  13. Look at the nail-scarred hands by Willis Canada
  14. On Judgement Day by The Little Shadows
  15. VMO Lofton 
  1. Ooh Song by Care Package
  2. Color One Tear Black Part 1 by Double O's Demingos
  3. Trouble by The Lost Weekend
  4. Stop, Look & Listen by Circulations
  5. Reminiscing by The End Results
  6. Gotta get to you by 4th Kingdom
  7. Diamond Feathers by Bad News Band
  8. Girl by Stratus
  9. Sunrise by Fisher
  10. Stop Cheating Woman by Chuck & The Tremblers
  11. All I Want Is You by Zilla Mayes
  12. (I want you) Every Night & Day by Springers
  13. Maybe So, Maybe No by New Holidays
  14. Color One Tear Black Part 2 by Double O's Demingos
  15. Double Trouble by Otis Rush
  16. Love Parable by David Lee Jnr
  17. Everybody's Doing Their Thing Parts 1 & 2 by Educator's Band
  1. A place called heaven by Jo Grinage
  2. Now that you know by Rated X
  3. Vibration by Joe Brown & the Eldorados
  4. Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out) by Sly, Slick & Wicked
  5. Been Trying by Chicago Travellers
  6. Trust him by Southland Singers
  7. Beat by Nu-Trons
  8. Let's get together by The Echomen
  9. Destruction by The People's Choice
  10. I'm gonna miss you girl by Ellis & Cephas
  11. Rated X by Rated X
  12. Odyssey by The Soulution
  13. You Gonna Miss Me by Earnest King
  14. Speed up by Impalas
  15. Together by Disciples of Soul
  16. Bye-Bye by Kenny Smith
  17. Feelin' alright by Combined Forces
  18. Still Thinking Of You by Steve Parks
  1. People, there's got to be a change Part 1 by Samuel Ray Relafonte
  2. Feeling by Sonrize
  3. Electric funk by The Shovel
  4. Free Bobby Now by The Lumpen
  5. Society by The Final Seconds
  6. You Fool, You Fool Part 2 by Prophet & His Disciples
  7. Chitlin' Circuit by H. Andrews Congregation
  8. The Burg by Larry McGee & the Revolution
  9. Kwami by Marvin Holmes & Justice
  10. You Must Do Your Best by Burning Desire
  11. Accept my love by The Wasters
  12. Phase III by Richard Ryder & The Eighth Wonder
  13. Silent weapon by X-cessors
  14. Put the hurt on you by Inner Soul
  15. Anonymous by Harmon Bethea
  16. No, i won't by Evans Pyramid