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a tool to colorize 'NAnt' output

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The Perl script ColorNAnt is a wrapper for 'NAnt' and produces the same output but with pretty 'syntax' highlighting.


colornant — a tool to colorize nant output


colornant [nant options]


ColorNAnt is a wrapper for NAnt and produces the same output as NAnt but with coloured syntax highlighting at the command line to improve readability. The colour schemes can be read from a central configuration file or from a local user ~/.colornantrc file.

ColorNAnt makes use of ANSI colours and as such will only work when ANSI colours can be used - typical examples are xterms and Eterms, as well as console sessions.

ColorNAnt has been tested on various flavours of Linux, but should be broadly portable to other systems.


Use ColorNAnt wherever you would normally use NAnt, or pipe output to ColorNAnt:

For example

$ colornant
$ nant | colornant

You may find it useful to make NAnt automatically call ColorNAnt. Add the following line to ~/.bashrc (or equivalent):

alias nant=colornant

Any options passed to ColorNAnt are passed through to NAnt.



Central configuration file. User-specific settings can be enabled by copying this file to ~/.colornantrc and making the appropriate changes.


Bug reports and suggestions/patches to google code please.


ColorNAnt is written and maintained by Albert Ritmeester <>. 

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