a tool to colorize 'NAnt' output

The Perl script ColorNAnt is a wrapper for 'NAnt' and produces the same output but with pretty 'syntax' highlighting. Colour schemes can be customized.

To see how ColorNAnt works, you can

Read the man page or view some screenshots

Download ColorNAnt

Latest version: colornant-1.0.0.tar.gz


Availability of ColorNAnt with your Linux/BSD distribution:

Currently only the tarball is available. A debian package is in pogress (see issue list)

What is NAnt?

NAnt is a free .NET build tool. In theory it is kind of like make without make's wrinkles. In practice it's a lot like Ant

Instead of a model where it is extended with shell-based commands, NAnt is extended using task classes. Instead of writing shell commands, the configuration files are XML-based, calling out a target tree where various tasks get executed. Each task is run by an object that implements a particular Task interface.

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