Catalina Cocan has been working in various schools in/around Cluj-Napoca, Romania since 2004. 

Some of the most inspirational moments in her career took place while she was teaching at Transylvania College (under its former name of The Happy Kids Kindergarten and The International School of Cluj) – her fields of teaching comprising English and Phonics for kindergarten and primary school children, Romanian for English natives, Drama for beginners and optional classes. 

Since 2008 Catalina has been part of the staff at Alexandru Vaida-Voevod Secondary School in Cluj-Napoca (teaching English and optional classes).

In 2013 she won Dr Peter Hargreaves' Scholarship offered by Cambridge Assessement. Her essay, focused on boosting young learner motivation for learning a foreign language was ranked one of the first 5 among almost 2,000 essays written by teachers all over the world. 

In 2014, she was the only Romanian representative at the PluriMobil conference organized by The European Centre for Modern Languages within The Council of Europe – Graz, Austria.

Between 2014 and 2017, Catalina was the Romanian coordinator of an Erasmus + project comprising 10 European countries, thus taking part in international exchanges in Slovenia, Poland, the UK and Germany.  

In 2017, Catalina received one of the 10 Merito prizes for teachers  (kindly offered by the Romanian Business Leaders community).

In 2018, she became a certified trainer.

Catalina tries to keep up her level of adjustment to the students' difficulties and needs by taking part in various conferences for teachers and other professionals working with children. 

She is also a constant learner of other languages.  

To the best of her knowledge, her love for handmade items has turned her into the first Romanian teacher to make and use her own teaching aprons. 

Catalina's diplomas as an English learner (valid for life) certify a near-native level of English command.

1. CPE (Cambridge Proficiency in English) – 2008

2. Academic IELTS (Overall Band 9) – 2012

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