How? Red/Blue/Green/Purple/Gold

Colourful English by Catalina Cocan relies on innovative methods of teaching and brand-new materials (issued by prestigious publishing houses in the UK).

The rough correspondence of Colourful English groups:

White - pre-Starters -  6-7 years old

Yellow - pre-Starters - 7-8 years old

Red - CEFR pre-A1 (YLE Starters) - 8-9 years old

Blue - CEFR A1 (YLE Movers - 9-10 years old

Green - CEFR A2 (YLE Flyers) - 10-11 years old

Purple - KET/PET (CEFR A2/B1)- 12-13 years old

Gold - KET/PET (CEFR A2/B1)- 13-14 years old

Please note that the Gold proficiency group also addresses students who can work at KET/PET levels regardless of their age. In order to be admitted, students will need to prove their level of proficiency, both orally and in writing, at CEFR A2 level.