Most of the wedding photographers these days know the craft of their jobs. Majority of them haven’t gone to any particular school for photography or learnt photography from some source. That takes me to the point, that most of the wedding photographers don’t know how to print photos in a darkroom or experiment with the rolls of the films they’ve made.

Printing of photographs is a very important part of a photographer’s business, because that is the part where we print the memories made by people on the photo paper. Photographers now a days, predominantly save the photos digitally as files on the computers or smartphones.


We, at Cayton Photography, believe that prints make memories, which come out to be eternal. We don’t remember days, we remember moments! We have fickle minds, which tend to forget things, and photographs make us recall all what had happened on special days.

We want our clients to always embrace their wedding day because wedding day is supposed to be the best day of two peoples’ lives.

We want to create timeless memories for you and your soul mate.

We are the best Colorado wedding photographers as want to make each and every moment of your wedding incredible. Our credibility as experienced professionals in what makes us the best in our field!

With years of rich experience in wedding photography, we excel at taking the best shots of wedding ceremonies. We’re so sure that once the day is over, and you open your wedding album, you will have that craving of wanting one more of that day filled with fun, laughter and happiness with your near and dear ones.

The reason why our photos come out to be so professional and amazing is because we love photography and we love the people in our photos. It is because of our clients that we have become such successful photographers.

I am the one known to be the Colorado wedding photographer, with my husband of course, and we want your wedding day to be everlasting for you as well as for everyone present on that day.

We live in Colorado Springs and are willing to travel anywhere for love and romance! We can photograph weddings anytime of the year, and our available for our clients at any time of the day. Slip into our online portal at “Cayton Photography” and we assure you that you would love our work. Grab some coffee and enjoy our portfolio!