Book discussions and pot luck dinner


     The Colorado Nevil Shute Chapter holds meetings four times a year. We meet at a member’s house and have a potluck dinner. That means that the host usually has a main dish and other attendees bring salad, bread, wine, dessert or whatever. At each meeting we discuss a Nevil Shute book that was chosen at the previous meeting. We talk about the book and our thoughts about Shute writing it. Every other meeting is a non-Shute book.

If we have a new member attending, we usually get into a discussion of how we got to reading Shute books and which ones are our favorites.

        The next meeting of the Colorado Chapter is scheduled for Saturday, May 10.   We are reading Lonely Road so will offer a viewing of the movie before the meeting.  I have reserved the Community Room at the Mission Viejo Library near my home at 4:00pm to show the movie which lasts about 90 min.  Then we will have our pot luck and discussion at my house at 5:30pm.  I will send out addresses and directions later.  The movie is optional if you would like to join us at 5:30.
       If you would like to attend and/or become a member, please contact Babette Hills.