Nov. Creek/Cherokee Trail Conference Information

Councils and Topics 

1. Our Beginner Security Council will discuss: 

a. Resource and border claims in the South China Sea 

b. Resource and border claims in the Arctic Region. 

Member states: China, France, Russian Federation, United Kingdom, United States, Angola, Chad, Chile, Jordan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Spain, and Venezuela. 

The Beginning Security will consist of two-person delegations. 

2. Our Intermediate Council on Climate Change will discuss: 

a. Developing a new international climate change agreement covering all countries. 

This council is based on the 2015 Paris Conference in which member nations will discuss the framework to create a new climate change agreement that will replace previous agreements. Since all member nations will be represented at the 2015 conference, students may choose any member state of the United Nations.


The Intermediate Council on Climate Change will consist of one-person delegations. 

3. Our Intermediate UN Environmental Programme Council will discuss: 

a. Elephant poaching and the international ivory trade ban 

b. Illegal trade in wildlife 

Member states: Barbados, Brazil, China, Mexico, Egypt, Ghana, Jordan, Indonesia, Kenya, Korea, Nepal, Namibia, Rwanda, South Africa, and Uruguay. 

4. Our Advanced European Union Council will discuss: 

a. Refugee crises in the Middle East and Africa 

i. Creating a unified policy for accepting refugees from the Middle East 

ii. Securing borders against terror groups posing as refugees 

Go here to register for the conference:

Background guides for all councils will be available on or before Monday, November 2. 

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