December 2-3 CU Boulder Conference

Councils, Topics, and Countries

U. of Colorado-Boulder, High School Model U.N. Conference

Friday, Dec. 2, 4:00 - 10:00 pm

Eaton Humanities 1B50, 1610 Pleasant Street, Boulder

Saturday, Dec. 3, 8 am - 3 pm

Registration Fee - $25.00

Please note that there are three (3) Beginner Security Councils, NOT seven (7) as at the Boulder HS and St. Mary's/Kent Denver MUN conferences. These three, Beg. SCs are best for first or second time beginner, student-delegates. Each school will be limited to three (3) delegations total for the Beg. Security Councils. There may be a few exceptions for the very largest teams/clubs. Please also note that there are different topics in each of these three Beginner Security Councils.

If you participated as beginners in BOTH the Boulder and St. Mary's/Kent conferences, you should strongly consider the Experienced Beginner ECOSOC or UN High Commission for Refugees. As in the past, these councils will probably have about 25-35 countries represented. It is a good idea to step up to a moderately larger council, as this reflects the larger size councils in the U.N. and what you would experience at national MUN conferences.

Beginner Security Council #1 (1 or 2 Person Delegations)

1. Recommendation for the appointment of the Secretary General

2. Addressing the Failure of the Peace Agreement between FARC and the Columbian Government

3. Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament

Beginner Security Council #2 (1 or 2 Person Delegations)

1. Protection of Civilians and Volunteers in Peacekeeping Operations

2. Counterterrorism in Syria and Combating the Islamic State

3. Women's Rights in Situations of Conflict

Beginner Security Council #3 (1 or 2 Person Delegations)

1. Security Strategy to Protect Transport Infrastructure from Terrorism

2. Protecting Medical and Humanitarian Personnel Delivering Aid in Syria

3. Addressing the Zika Virus in Asia and Africa

Experienced Beginner, Economic and Social Council - ECOSOC (1 or 2 Person Delegations)

1. Welfare and Safety of Refugee Camps in the Middle East and Africa

2. Risk of Cultural Cleansing or Genocide in the Middle East

3. Sustainable Development in Unstable Middle East and No. African (MENA) States/Countries

Experienced Beginner, UN High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR (1 or 2 Person Delegations)

1. Promoting Livelihoods and Education for Refugees and Displaced Persons

2. Well-Being of Syrian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

3. Alternatives to Refugee Camps

Intermediate, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization UNESCO (1 or 2 Person Delegations)

1. Protecting Cultural Heritage Sites in Conflict Zones

2. Media Accountability

3. Genetic Research in Humans

Intermediate International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA (1 Person Delegations)

1. Strengthening IAEA Safeguards

2. Improving International Cooperation in Response to Nuclear Crises

Advanced League of Nations (1 Person Delegations)

2nd Sino-Japanese War - 1937

Advanced Crisis: U.S. Situation Room (1 Person Delegations)

US Situation Room - Crisis in Cyprus 2017

Advanced International Court of Justice (single delegations)

Israeli Construction in Palestine