Feb. Fossil Ridge Conference Information

Fossil Ridge Crisis Meet IV - “The First Steps into the Final Frontier” a Future Space Council                     February 27, 2018 

Registration Dates and Logistics


Invitation sent to Colorado MUN

February 1, 2016

Registration Begins

February 2, 2016

Background guides emailed to Colorado MUN

February 5-8, 2016

Cancellation Deadline

February 15, 2016

Final Registration date*

February 13, 2016

Final Country Assignments

February 15, 2016

Conference at FRHS

February 27, 2016


Structure of the Conference

Here is what the delegates will see at the meet (all delegations are two students each):


1.    A United Nations Security Conference modified by the passage of time.

2.    A room reserved for the Colonial Assembly (all colonies of earth including factory or production Space Stations) for them to discuss their collective and independent goals.

3.    A room with major earth corporations with their own agendas.

4.    An active, PRESS CORPS that will follow an actual 30 minute news cycle and feature a CNN style update crawl during the entire conference.  Delegates will be allowed to make Press Releases and Press Conferences for broadcast during the meet.


A Note about the Press Corps:

Students from Ridge TV and Etched in Stone our school On-Line newspaper, will cover the conference using a thirty minute news cycle.  There will be a screen scrawl going on for the entire conference representing immediate press releases and news updates.  STUDENTS FROM OTHER SCHOOLS may be involved with the press corps.  Notify Fossil Ridge if you have students interested in doing the Press Corps.

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