Guide to Starting a MUN Team

New Colorado H.S. MUN Sponsors:

            Welcome to Colorado H.S. MUN!  We sponsors are very happy you have decided, like us, to start or continue an MUN program/academic team at your school - helping students learn about important international issues in a very active manner.

            Colorado is unusual, because most of the MUN conferences here are mostly organized by high schools, not universities or other organizations, as is often the case in other states.  The main impact is that we high school teachers/sponsors focus on what is most beneficial for our students' learning and being engaged/active.  We make adjustments over time that we think make sense for the students.

            One thing we do differently in Col. is to have beginner delegates participate in Security Councils.  Elsewhere, the S.C. is seen as the elite/advanced council for the luckiest, most experienced delegates in one council only.  We know the S.C. deals w/ dramatic, current issues, so can be particularly compelling.  Plus, it is a relatively small council.  We want to encourage our newest delegates w/ interesting issues and plenty of speaking time in a small, friendly led council.

            So the Intro to Model U.N. at Boulder September of each year is potentially very helpful because it trains new delegates in an active way to participate accurately and diplomatically for their later, first, full fledged, all day, MUN Security Council.  I strongly recommend you find a way to bring your new student delegates to the INTRO 2 MUN, Sat., Sept. 17, 2016 at Boulder HS, 12:30-2:30 pm

            They will be directed in a friendly way through basic MUN parliamentary procedure by experienced, helpful, high school presiding officers in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.  This is also one of the two topics for the all day, Boulder HS MUN conference, Oct. 8, 2016. 

            At our BHS MUN and other HS MUN conferences in Colorado, the experienced MUN students or MUN officers of the host school/s select the councils and topics, write the background documents for each, lead/preside over each council as Presiding Officers, and help set up and deal with other conference logistics. 

            Attached below is the pdf "How MUN Conferences Work."  This should help you have an idea how our all day, Saturday, high school MUN conferences operate in Col.  It was written by one of our BHS MUN officers two years ago, so some of the states/countries on the Security Council have changed.

            Student delegates are charged $12 per student at each conference and are provided breakfast foods, drinks, handouts, and also pay for building rentals, custodians, awards, etc.  Student delegates are expected to dress professionally, research and write a one-page position paper in advance (covering both S.C. topics as beginners), and speak and behave in a courteous and diplomatic manner in their various councils.

            Sponsors receive a lunch at the school, along w/ presiding officers and judges.  The student delegates are on their own to go to nearby lunch spots.  Sponsors meet after lunch for updates and discussions.  Sponsors are free to quietly observe the various councils in action and are provided a work space/room for grading papers and other school work.

            After reading, "How MUN Conferences Work," which is attached below, consider reading the following documents available on this website:


Under "Delegate Preparation"

            "UN Sec. Council Authorized Actions"  I wrote this to help new delegates better understand

                        their options for actions the Security Council can take.

            "Position Statemdng Forms" sample of one page, required research per country delegation


Under "Procedures and Forms"

            "MUN Col. Div. Assessment Rubric"  Delegates are scored by volunteer judges and are

                        eligible for awards at the end of the conference.


            This website is maintained as a volunteer service by Sarah Campbell, the Kent Denver School MUN sponsor.

            These four documents should give you a good start.  Friendly, experienced sponsors at the sponsors meetings at the Intro 2 MUN will also be happy to answer questions and share their expertise.


Best regards, Andy Aiken - BHS MUN co-sponsor

Sarah Campbell,
Sep 6, 2016, 12:23 PM