Jan. CSS Conference Information

2016 CSS MUN V Conference

January 22 - 23, 2016

                                                                                    Beginner or Intermediate Security Council: 

      Beginner Security Council focusing on the crisis on the Central African Republic, and Somalia


     Topic 1: United Nations peacekeeping and humanitarian aid needs in the Central African Republic

     Topic 2: Al Shabaab terrorist activities, anarchy, and political conflicts in  in Federal Republic of Somalia

                                                                             Beginner or Intermediate Human Rights Council:

      Beginner Human Rights Council is focusing on Gay Rights in Uganda and Xenophobia in South Africa


     Topic 1: Xenophobia in South Africa

     Topic 2: Gay Rights in Uganda


                                              Intermediate Shaka Zulu Council: 

      Historical Encounter at UmGungundlovu, the Zulu royal capital: the aftermath of Shaka Zulu's conquests (1828)


■ Topic 1: Ruling of the Shaka Zulu's Empire

■ Topic 2: The imminent arrival of Europeans

                                  Intermediate Future Oil Council:

      Intermediate Future Oil Crisis: Global energy crisis and the last remaining oil reserves have been found in parts of Central and Northern Africa.


     Topic 1: Alternative Solutions to the International Energy Crisis

      Topic 2: The Delegation and Future of Oil in Africa

                                                                        Advanced Historical Security Council:

      Advanced Historic Security Council of the Biafra War in Nigeria (1968)


     Topic 1: Military Intervention and Security Concerns

     Topic 2: Biafran Airlift and Famine in Biafra

*  This council will be split into the two above-named topics for the majority of the day, to be able to discuss each problem more in depth. At the end of the day delegates will reconvene into one council to pass resolutions. Because of this, all participants wishing to represent an NGO must be a single delegation, and participants wishing to represent Nation-States must be in double delegations.

                                                             Aftershock Natural Disaster Response Simulation: 

● Delegates participating in Saturday's Int. Future Oil Council or Adv. Historic S.C., will participate in one of two separate, AFTERSHOCK Natural Disaster Response simulations Friday in teams of 2 or 3 delegates.

                AFTERSHOCK is the Canadian training simulation for Canada's Natural Disasters Response Teams.

                All AFTERSHOCK participants should prepare by viewing:

                15 slide overview - https://paxsims.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/aftershock-slides.pdf

                16 minute video - https://paxsims.wordpress.com/aftershock

**Saturday will follow the standard format used for a one day, MUN conference.


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