Hello all and welcome to Colorado

Our original site was a full portal for hunters with articles, forums, blogs, image galleries, and many other features, however due to limitations, the site had to be retired.

If you've come here looking for links referenced in my book "Jumpstart Elk Hunting" then you've come to the right place. You'll find all the links and downloads referenced in my book below. Thank you for visiting the site, if you're getting ready for elk season, best of luck and I hope to run into you in the field!


Book Links:

Colorado KMZ files for Google Earth

Colorado GMU Unit Overlay

Colorado Forest Land Overlay

Colorado Elk Winter Range Overlay

Colorado Elk Winter Concentration Overlay

Colorado Elk Summer Range Overlay

Colorado Elk Summer Concentration Overlay

BLM Owned Lands

Colorado CPW list of all species KML files

Wyoming KML/KMZ files for Google Earth

Wyoming list of all species KML files

Idaho KML/KMZ files

Idaho list of all species KML Files

General Book Links

Elk Hunting checklist

3rd Party Links from Jumpstart Elk Hunting - Topo map overlay for Google Earth - GPS file conversion utility - Order paper maps - List of GMU overlays for many states - List of most state's Land Ownership information