Getting Started

The goal of the evaluation service is to make the process as painless as possible. Basically, here is how it works, you request an evaluation form (see Evaluation Request Form - left-hand side of the page). I send the forms (see sample evaluation form) and a Helpful Hints packet, which will help you fill out the form via email or by the United State Postal Service. You and your child fill out the form. Please send (or scan) sample work for each grade level (one piece of paper from the beginning of the year and one sample from the end of the year), so that we can measure progress. Or alternatively, you can describe the progress that has taken place throughout the school year for each subject area. After receiving the evaluation, I read it over and make comments on the evaluation form. I will email or call if I have any concerns. I then take a photocopy of the evaluation and send you back the original along with a Certificate of Achievement. It is a good idea to take a photocopy of the evaluation before you send it off (if you are sending the evaluation through the mail). Again, all the evaluation forms can be emailed if this is more comfortable for you.


Sample completed evaluation

This wonderful completed evaluation shows progress and you can tell the Helpful Hints document was used. :)

Recommendations from homeschoolers

"Judy Van Acker is highly qualified homeschool evaluator that we have been privileged to use through the years. I just recommended her to another friend!" ~ Sherry Turner of Cotopaxi, CO.

"I highly recommend using Judy Van Acker for your Colorado homeschool assessment needs! She has been a tremendous assistance in making sure my two kids (now in middle and high school) are advancing in their homeschooling educational needs, and certifications for the mandatory requirements of the state standards. Her assessment forms are easy to use and she's very prompt, trustworthy and professional." ~ Heather G. of Denver, Colorado

We have been very pleased with Judy Van Acker's homeschool evaluation services.  She has done evaluations of our daughter's work twice.  Mrs. Van Acker gives very clear instructions on how and what to submit to her on her website.  She is also available to answer any questions you may have regarding the evaluation.  Her feedback on our child's progress was very helpful to us.  We will definitely use her services again and recommend her wholeheartedly. -- Steve and Alisha Roach, Colorado Springs

"It has been a pleasure using Judy VanAcker's evaluation services over the past few years for my 3 children, 2 of which have now graduated high school. What I love about her service is that the paperwork is thorough yet painless.  Though it takes some time to complete, in the end it is a joy to read over and realize how much was accomplished during the year.  "Judy embraces the many different teaching methods and curricula available and understands the importance of practical life skills that we value so much. She is qualified to evaluate home schooled children in Colorado and the certificate of achievement she issues meets the requirements of the state. We really value her input and the speed at which she responds to any questions we have and look forward to using her until our last child graduates in a few years." ~ Andrea