Coloquio 2012

20th Colloquium on Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Linguistics 

Migrating Through Alternative Spaces in Hispanic
and Luso-Brazilian Studies

March 2-3, 2012

Department of Spanish and Portuguese
The University of Texas at Austin


"Migrating Through Alternative Spaces"
The histories of both the Iberian Peninsula and the American Continent have been articulated through a multiplicity of migrations. Cultural migrations, ethno-racial migrations, political displacements, exile, migrations of thought and epistemologies and shifting borders are a few aspects of migration that contribute to the narratives of our present historical moment. These migrations produce hybrid identities that often locate those who participate in them in liminal, displaced, queer or alternative spaces. The intellectual elaboration on these cultures, individuals and alternative spaces can provide us with new ways of understanding our interactions on personal, national and global levels.

Hosted by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese's Graduate Student Organization, this colloquium is organized to provide graduate students with an opportunity to share their current work and research interests.