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The annual Colony Homecoming occurs on the first Sunday of May. The Homecoming is an opportunity for all families, friends, and acquaintances with any connection to the Colony community to gather in the former Methodist Church Building for a celebration of Colony's past, present, and future. All who attend bring their favorite food for a delicious pot-luck lunch. Recollected stories of the past are shared, and friendships are renewed.

After lunch, a brief business meeting is held to discuss the care and maintenance of the Colony Cemetery and the old church building. Even though a healthy endowment was created by Mr. Earl Needham and colleagues in the 1980s, funds generated by this endowment are typically insufficient to provide proper care for the cemetery and the buildings and grounds. Donations are always welcome during the business meeting, and the attendees have been generous in their giving.

The next Colony Homecoming is scheduled for May 7, 2017. Plan to attend for a pleasant and fulfilling day of celebration.