Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who are the Board Members for the Colony @ American Village?    

Mary Taylor  | Email: taylor.mary@gmail.com

David Boyd  | Email: jkdpboyd@gmail.com

Jerry Kracht | Email: jerrykracht39@gmail.com

Pam Spatola | Email: mspat24@hotmail.com

David Bordelon | Email: davidbordelon@yahoo.com

Vacant Seat - If you are interested in serving in your community by sitting on the Board and helping to make the decisions that impact your community, please contact Kyle Adams, Sr. our community representative from Community Association Services of North Carolina.

You are free to stand for election to the board - elections are held yearly for one of the three posts, and posts have three-year terms. The elections are held at the yearly HOA meetings.

What is the name and website of the management company that The Colony @ American Village uses?    The Colony @ American Village has contracted with Community Association Services of North Carolina AKA CAS.  Our representative is Kyle Adams, Sr.  The website is www.casnc.com/communities/colony-american-village/

Who is on the Architectural Control Committee and where can I find the Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines?Alison Vason | Email - alisonvasan@gmail.com

Donna Rewalt | Email - donnarewalt@gmail.com

Architectural and Landscape Guidelines, click link.

Does The Colony @ American Village have guidelines for homeowners to follow when making outside cosmetic changes, architectural changes; landscape changes or enhancements; play sets or fences, etc?  Yes,  The Colony has Architectural Guidelines that must be followed.  An Architectural Request Form must be completed and submitted to our property management company (Community Association Services of NC) and the Architectural Review Committee for approval.  A copy of the Architectural and Landscaping Guidelines and Request Form can be found on the Community Association Services (CAS) website under the Community Pages / Colony at American Village.  Email Kyle Adams, Sr., kyle@casnc.com with CAS the completed Request Form or mail the hard copy. If you have questions, you can also contact the Colony HOA board members/ architectural control committee. Please note that many home/ yard modifications require a signature from your immediate neighbors noting they are aware of your project plan.

When and where are the Colony @ American Village HOA meetings?    Colony Homeowners Association meetings are held yearly, generally in January or February, often at McMannen Methodist Church on Neal Road.
Is there a community listserv and if so how can I get added?

Yes. The Colony listserv is only open to Colony at American Village residents, and is usually used for safety posts or upcoming activities. 

To be added to the Colony listserv, e-mail americanvillage+subscribe@googlegroups.com or contact Jackie Boyd, noting your address within the Colony.

Is there a Colony Directory? The directory is voluntary and now distributed electronically, but you are welcome to receive one if you agree to be listed. Listing entails providing your names (just adults in the household), phone number, and e-mail address (optional but encouraged). Specify if do NOT want your e-mail address to be added to the Colony e-mail listserv, too. Neighbors are strongly encouraged to participate in the directory, as it is the primary means by which your neighbors can call you when there is a potential problem (e.g., your garage door is open but you seem to be out of town, water is leaking out of the side of your house, some vandalism appears to have just taken place, a suspicious van is backed into your driveway in the middle of the workday, etc.). If you'd like to be listed & receive a directory (updates come out every year or more often), write to the current board members.


What kind of social events does the Colony host? These activities vary year-to-year, but most years, there has been an ice cream social in the summer. If you have some ideas of activities, and especially if you're willing to help organize one, contact your elected HOA board members.