Research Tools

These can be used for every topic.
    Britannica School. This site allows you to choose between three different reading levels for each article. Level 1 is the simplest version of the article and Level 3 is the most complicated. If the article is too difficult, you can switch to a simpler version by clicking on the purple and white numbers on the top right of the page.
    ABC-CLIO. See handout for username and password. The most helpful database will be "American History." The click on topics, and select one of the appropriate time periods. There are images under the media tab on the left sidebar. There are also primary source documents, vocabulary words, and links to related articles in the sidebar.
What key terms do I search for in the databases?
  • **Colonization of the Americas** (also has information on English royalty)
  • The English Colonies
  • Puritans
  • King of England (pick one from the list below)
    • James I
    • Charles I
    • James II
    • Charles II
    • George II
  • Wampanoag
  • King Phillips War
  • Native Americans
  • African Slave Trade
  • Middle Passage
  • Triangle of Trade
  • African Slavery

Individual Topics


US on Puritan life.

Brooklyn College on Puritan history and belief.


Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe's timeline of their history.

Pokanoket Tribe (of the Wampanoag Nation) on their history. There are several links in the "About the Tribe" dropdown menu.

Scholastic's interview with a modern Wampanoag about the first Thanksgiving and Wampanoag life today.

The story of Squanto. Everything you didn't learn in 5th grade.

Slave Trade

PBS has a whole series on the experiences of early slaves, including documents and images. Every italicized link goes to an image.

Other Links

Links to images in ABC-CLIO & PBS. See highlighted links above.

More information about the Wampanoag: 1st site & 2nd site.

Video Tour of a Wampanoag Village.