Annual Best Wine Makers

2018 Annual Wine Tasting Winners
 1st Place -         John Lattanzio

2 nd Place -               
3 rd Place -         Denis Merlo          

YEAR  First Place Second Place Third PlaceHonourable Mention  Honourable Mention Honourable Mention Honourable Mention
 2018John Lattanzio   Denis Merlo    Walter ParisottoMoose Parisotto   
 2017Ken LeRose  Lawrence Schiavon Trevor Allegretto Gordon Mattson Lino Moro Moose Parisotto 
2016    Gino Berno        
 Eugenio Malito Gene Gambin John LattanzioPat Zinio Jeff Moro  
 2015Luigi Bedin 
Lawrence Arcuri and
Tony Vecchio 
 Giuseppe Bertuzzi Walter Parisotto Rino Merlo Livo Allegretto 
 2014 Vic Pozzobon

 Lino Moro Sergio Pasquali Frank ComoLawrence Arcuri Lawrence Schiavon 

Ron Parisotto

Livio Allegretto  Jeff Moro    
 2012 George Baggio

 Lawrence Schiavon Lino Moro    
 2011 Jeff Moro

 2010 Lino Moro

Lawrence Schiavon  Ken ParisottoVic Pozzobon  Reno ZanierGino Berno  
 2009Denis Merlo     

Ron Parisotto
 Lino Moro Jeff Moro Lawrence SchiavonTony Morelli
The Annual Wine Tasting supper meeting is one of the best attended.  Wine makers enter their wines to be judged. 
In 2009 Mario Berno donated a beautiful Trophy for the Best Wine maker in memory of his father Sante Berno.  Sante was one of the best
wine makers in the Lodge and his wines always were in the top three.  The annual event has always been one of the favorites at the Lodge.
Lodge members take great pride in making good wine.  The secrets of making good wine is past on to future generations.
The judges are Colombo Lodge members.  The three winners of the previous years (1st, 2nd, and 3rd) become the judges for the next year.
 Placing in the top three is a real honour and the bragging rights on making the best wine is well used.
Math problem (Story taken out of Colombo Celebrates 100 years)
If a crate of grapes weighs 36 pounds and makes two gallons of wine, and there are 1,100 crates of grapes on a truck, and 12 truckloads of grapes brought to Trail, how long will it take for the first argument to start over who makes the bestwine? Answer - until April, or the first wine contest. Brothers Santo and Rino Berno have collected quite a few trophies for their wine, and can remember their younger days, stomping grapes with their feet. "We'd be inside big barrels," Rino said. You couldn't see over the top, and if you put your head down, you couldn't breath." Besides purple feet, the grape juice made their feet itch and it would take a week or more to recover. Today, of course, the brothers use a wine press. If not the best, Trail amateur wine makers could very well be the most. From imported grapes alone, 12 truckloads makes 100.320 litres or closet to 13.5 bottles for every man, woman and child in Trail (population 7,500). Of course, that doesn't include wine made from juice, concentrate, or homegrown grapes.
Slide show of the winners of the past.  (You can view as a slide show or individual pictures.)

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