2019 Men Committees

* Presidente sits on all committees as an exoficio member.


Office and Administration : Chair Ken LeRose Jr, Mario Antak

Finance : Treasurer Ron Parisotto, Ivo Toffolo

Culture and Archives: Chair Fred Romano, Roland Perri

Sorelle Liason: Lino Moro

Membership: Chair Winston Fayant, Ron Parisotto

Catering and Games Room: Sergio Peloso, Al Pasin

Banquets and Spaghettata: Chair Al Coutts, Terry Hanik, Steven Unti, Ken LeRose Jr.

Bar: Trevor Allegretto

Supper Meetings: Chair Pat Zinio, Winsont Fayant, Terry Hanik, Mario Antak

Funerals: Tony Morelli

Building and Grounds: John Lattanzio

Sports: Chair Pat Zanier, Steven Unti, Pat Zinio


Social media: (Facebook, Webpage): Fred Romano