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Tippit Tournament


2017 Winners -  
Smokies Tippit Tournament:    

Tony Morelli, Tyler Ghiradosi, Ross Armour

Tippit champions. 
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The game is played using a small coin. Two teams of three face each other across a table and toss the coin for who goes first. The winning team put their hands under the table and move the coin unseen between the three pairs of hands. When ready the centre player knocks three times on the underside of the table and all three pairs of clenched fists (one containing the coin) are placed on the table. The opposing team, who can confer, must then find the coin in the following manner. They may only touch the opposing teams hands of the opposite sex.

The person who is trying to find the Tippit can give only two kinds of order. In each case he must touch the hand in question.

"Take your left/right hand away" - in which case the person named opens the hand mentioned and if the coin is not there puts the hand by their side.

Or if they think they can guess where the Tippit is - "Tippit in your left/right". In which case the fist mentioned has to be opened to reveal the Tippit - or not!

If the Tippit is revealed after a "Take away..." order then the team hiding the Tippit have won the round. They score one point and get to hide the Tippit amongst themselves again.

If the "Tippit in..." order is given and the Tippit is NOT in the fist mentioned, then the searcher has lost and the team with the Tippit score a point and get to hide it over again - once they have revealed who really had it all along.

If the Tippit is revealed in a "Tippit in..." order then the team searching for the Tippit wins the coin. They score no points but get the opportunity to hide the coin.

Games are usually played until one team reaches a score of 11.







 2017 (Smokies)Tony Morelli  Tyler Ghiradosi (S)    Ross Armour (S)
 2016Derick Smith Merillo Geronazzo
Josh La Framoise 


 Kienan Scott

Terry Colautti

 Jake Kauppila

   2014Andrew Martin     Pat Zinio Troy Colautti
 2012 Brian Volpatti            Trevor Allegretto Nerio DeRosa
 2011 Merillo Geronanzzo Sergio Pasquale Lino Parisotto
 2010Tony DeRosaTrevor Allegretto Jack Parisotto
 2009Mollie Pez Rino DeBiasio Ron Parisotto
 2008 Frank Parisotto Troy Colautti     Satch Freschi

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