Welcome to the Colombière Jesuit Community in Baltimore, MD

Saint Claude de la Colombière Jesuit Community was founded and the residence built in 1961 on a beautiful thirteen-acre parcel of land in North Roland Park, Baltimore as the Jesuit Provincial´s Residence and administrative offices for the Maryland Province Jesuits
(Photo at right.)

The territory of the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus comprises the states of Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey to North Carolina and West Virginia.

In 2008, because of the expansion of administrative staff over recent decades and the need for increasing the availability of housing for senior Jesuits in the Baltimore area, the Province offices were relocated to neighboring Towson, MD.

After thorough demographic analysis, facility-based needs assessments in-depth discussions, and prayerful deliberations, the decision was made to replace the current residence with a new building to address the Maryland Province's current and future housing needs.  This project is an example of the Maryland Province's commitment to the cura personalis of each one of its members. We will expand from our present capacity of 19 Jesuit community members and guests to 38 members and guests. 

Every effort is being made to make this a friendly, open and serene environment for "aging in place," thus alleviating the need for special assisted living or nursing care facilities.  Our location enables senior Jesuits ample access to ministry opportunities, educational and cultural resources and world class medical care.  While it addresses the needs of its initial senior residents, the design of this new community residence also takes into account its future, namely the continuation of an active Jesuit presence in Baltimore for years to come.

As we construct our new residence, please join in the excitement of seeing our new house rise from the ground. Click on the picture below and you be taken to our newest series of photos on our picture site. This link changes about once a week so visit us often.

UPDATED 24 June 2011

Thank you for your prayers for the safety of our workers and support for this new chapter in our Jesuit life and service to the Baltimore area.

Fr. Bill Rickle, SJ

Community Superior