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Andres Rozo E.

(305) 846-0025

South Florida + Latin America + Colombia

Since 1995

In 1996 we lead the founding of the Colombian Wakeboard Association with Felipe Sarmiento aka "El Hijo"! later in 2011 I launched and organized The Colombian Wakeboard Tour! together with several collaborators we built the biggest wakeboard family in Colombia! we promoted the sport at all levels in all regions. The project incorporated riders in 25 lakes throughout the country, we triplicated the wakeboard population of the country, we got riders parents involved in the sport at federation level, and we began a wave of private and public investment in the sport to bring it into the national media and international scene! Today the whole directive structure of the sport in Colombia changed thanks to this and neighboring countries are looking to follow, the Caribbean Association and Tour are still in the womb :) Thanks to everyone for your collaboration! go ACdub!!! :) 


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some wakeboarding by Andres Rozo E. since 1995