Executive Committee, 2016-2017

All terms are for one year unless indicated otherwise.  Most terms end in May.

President: Jamie Hedlun (Mead High School)
First Vice-President & Membership Chair: Johanna Zablocki (Northfield High School)
Past President & Nominations Chair: Julia Torres (DCIS at Montebello)
Recording Secretary: Jay Arellano (Arvada West High School)

Troy Rivera (University Schools; term expires May 2017)
vacant (term expires May 2017)
Adrienne Hause (Palmer High School; term expires May 2018)
Michael Hoffman (Vista Ridge High School; term expires May 2018)
Jennifer Malinowski (Aurora Central High School; term expires May 2019)
Alexis Thieme (Littleton High School; term expires May 2019)

Board of Auditors:
Thom DeVoogd (Casper College; term expires September 2016)
Christine Schein (Academy School District 20; term expires September 2017)
Amanda Kerrigan (Manitou Springs High School; term expires September 2018)
Robin Romero (Foundations Academy; term expires September 2019)
Executive Secretary-Treasurer: Amy Gutierrez Baker (West Jefferson Middle School)

Director of Conferences: Karen Hartman (Retired, Adams 12 Schools)

Liaison, Elementary Schools: TBD
Liaison, Urban Schools: TBD
Liaison, Rural Schools: TBD
Liaison, English Education/University Faculty: TBD
Liaison, New Teaching Voices: Pam Coke (Colorado State University)
Liaison, NCTE Student Affiliates: Allie Joyce (Metropolitan State University of Denver), TBD (CU Boulder), TBD (Colorado State University)

Chair, Book Selection & Censorship Committee: Gloria Eastman (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Chair, Legislative Committee: Mike Wenk (CU Boulder)
SLATE Representative: TBD
Chairs, Public Relations Committee: TBD

CLAS Representatives, Colorado Young Adult Book Award (Blue Spruce): Jill Adams (Metropolitan State University of Denver), Jamie Hedlun (Mead High School)

Chair, 2016 Regional Fall Conference: Jill Adams (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
Assoc. Chair, 2016 Regional Fall Conference: Tracy Brennan (Fairview High School)
Program Chair, 2016 Regional Fall Conference: Jay Arellano (Arvada West High School)

Chair, Student Writing Awards: Karen Hartman (Retired, Adams 12 Schools)
Chair, Early Career Teacher Grants: Vince Puzick (Colorado Springs District 11)
Chair, Gilbert Fellowship: Maggie Freeburn (Retired, CU Denver)
Chair, Kirby Grant: TBD

Editor, CLAS Currents: Pam Coke (Colorado State University)
Editor, Statement: TBD
Webmaster: Melissa Gutierrez (West Jefferson Middle School)

Honorary Board Members

NCTE Liaison: Amy Gutierrez Baker (West Jefferson Middle School)
State Coordinator, NCTE Achievement Awards: TBD
State Coordinator, NCTE Promising Young Writers: TBD
State Leader, NCTE Committee to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines (PRESLM): TBD

NCTE Director 2016-2017: Jamie Hedlun (Mead High School)

SLATE Representative, Region 8: Elizabeth Jaeger (University of California, Berkeley)

NCTE Standing Committee on Affiliates Representative, Region 8Stacey Takanishi (University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa)

Executive Commitee Members in NCTE Leadership Roles

NCTE President: Doug Hesse (University of Denver)

NCTE Middle Level Steering Committee Representative: Amy Gutierrez Baker (West Jefferson Middle School)

NCTE Parliamentarian to the Executive Committee: David Wendelin (Retired, Jeffco Public Schools)

Honorary Board Members

Paul Bellin (Retired)
Jane Christensen (Retired)
Ruth Cline (Retired)
Paula Hodges (Panhandle State University)
Willa Mae Kippes (Retired)
Ed Low (Retired)
Bill McBride (Retired)
Alan Olds (Retired)
Louann Reid (Colorado State University)
Imogene Springer (Retired)
Jackie Swenson (Retired)
Dave Wendelin (Retired)