NCTE/SLATE Affiliate Intellectual Freedom Award

Deadline: February 1

SLATE (Support for the Learning and Teaching of English) is the NCTE Standing Committee that deals with legislative and censorship concerns. SLATE sponsors annual national and affiliate-based Intellectual Freedom Awards to honor those who merit recognition for advancing the cause of intellectual freedom. As a state affiliate of NCTE, CLAS may award an individual, a group, or an institution the Affiliate Intellectual Freedom Award each year. Also, CLAS may nominate the local winner as a recipient for the national award.

THE CRITERIA for the award are as follows:
(a) the awardee has shown courage in advancing the cause of intellectual freedom or fighting censorship;
(b) the awardee can be an educator or a non-educator;
(c) the awardee can be an individual, group, or institution;
(d) the awardee's activity can be related to particular recent events (e. g., as in a censorship dispute) or it can be ongoing (e. g., as in leadership demonstrated over a period of years);
(e) the same awardee may not be named for two years in succession.


  1. A newspaper that supported a teacher, school, or Board of Education action in defense of a challenged book, film, or educational method.
  2. The teacher, school, or Board of Education involved in such a defense.
  3. A department chair, principal, or central office leader who has over a period of time developed and/or supported intellectual freedom policies and practices.
  4. A public official who took a stand in a difficult intellectual freedom case.

If you wish to nominate someone, request a nomination form from Bill McBride at the address below, or you may download and print a nomination form (Summary Sheet) from the SLATE web site [here]

The postmark deadline for nominations for the CLAS Intellectual Freedom Award is February 1, 2013. Send nominations to Bill McBride , 705 Garfield Street, Fort Collins, CO 80524.

Complete information about the award available on the NCTE website: [here]