Past Workshops

February 20, 2016: Reading Visuals and Writing From Visuals at the Clyfford Still Museum; co-sponsored with the Denver Writing Project

April 25, 2015: Queer Young Adult Literature Conference, co-sponsored with Lambda Literary, NCTE at CU, CU Boulder School of Education, and GBLTQ Resource Center at CU

June 6-7, 2012: reading instruction 2-day workshop with Kelly Gallagher and Donalyn Miller

April 7, 2012: Colorado Day of Writing; co-sponsored with the Colorado, Denver, and CSU Writing Projects

June 11, 2011: Energized Teaching with Cris Tovani

April 30, 2011: When Writing Workshop Isn't Working with Mark Overmeyer

Fall Writing Conferences

October 10, 2009: A Day of Writing with Laurie Wagner Buyer

October 11, 2008: A Day of Writing with James Van Pelt

October 13, 2007: A Day of Writing with Lisa Zimmerman

October 14, 2006: A Day with Ted Kooser, 13th US Poet Laureate

October 15, 2005: The Greatest Catch: A Day of Writing with Penny Kittle

October 2, 2004: Awakening the Heart through Poetry with Georgia Heard

October 4, 2003: Expanding the Muse: Hands-On Workshops to Spark Your Creativity with Sybil Downing and Christine Goff

September 28, 2002: Braided Language: Collaborating on Memoir with Dan Kirby and Bill Strong

September 22, 2001: A Day of Writing with Carol Jago

September 30, 2000: A Day of Writing with Fran Claggett

October 3, 1998: A Day of Writing with Kim Stafford

September 19-20, 1997: A Day of Writing with Ben and Beth Nelms

September 20-21, 1996: A Day of Writing with Ruth Vinz

September 22-23, 1995: A Day of Writing with Tom Romano