Past Conferences


2018: Connecting Communities Through the Classroom

keynotes Penny Kittle, Camille T. Dungy

Conference photography by Aaron DeLay

2018 CLAS Conference presenter handouts on Dropbox

2017: Teaching in the Balance

keynotes Matt de la Peña, Toluwanimi Obiwole, Dave Stuart, Jr.

Conference photography by Rick Brennan

2016: For the Love of Teaching: Reclaiming the Classroom

keynotes Taylor Mali, Jimmy Santiago Baca, Sarah Brown Wessling

2016 Conference Program

2015: The Literacy of Social Justice: Equity, Empathy, and Engagement

keynotes Linda Christensen, Antero Garcia, Patricia McCormick

2014: A Cure for the Common Core: Reinventing Story

keynotes Chris Crutcher, Rebecca Rule, Ted Conover

2013: Create, Innovate, Celebrate: Teaching in the Age of the Common Core

keynotes Jeff Anderson, Stevi Quate, Malinda Lo

2013 Conference Program

2012: Linking Literacies

keynotes Jim Blasingame, Sara Kajder, Mark Overmeyer

2011: Expanding Literacies: Developing Critical Minds for Critical Times

keynotes Ernest Morrell, Laura Resau, Jovan Mays

2011 Conference Program


2010 (fall): Breakthroughs: Teaching in the Age of Discovery

keynotes Carol Jago, Teri Lesene, Gene Yang

Fall 2010 Conference Program

2010 (spring): Capturing Imagination: Inspiring the Magic of Language

keynotes Penny Kittle, Georgia Heard, Esmerelda Santiago

Spring 2010 Conference Program

2009: Creating a Teaching Life with Passion Courage, and Conviction

keynotes Jeff Wilhelm, Sharon Draper, Sonia Nieto, Jimmy Santiago Baca

2008: Literacy NOW!

keynotes Ralph Fletcher, Nikki Giovanni, Leonard Pitts, Dan and Dawn Kirby, Gene Yang

2007: Visioning and Revisioning

keynotes Jeff Anderson, Nikki Grimes, Tim Hillmer, Richard Peck, Naomi Shihab Nye

2006: Territories Ahead

keynotes Edward Bloor, Pam Muñoz Ryan, Billy Collins, Louann Reid, Judith Irvin

2005: Today's Questions, Tomorrow's Answers

keynotes Barry Lane, Julie Anne Peters, Penny Kittle, Pam Houston

2004: Range of the Possible: Ideas and Practices to Shape the Future

keynotes Chris Crutcher, John Golden, Sara Holbrook, Randy Bomer

2003: Embracing the Magic: Discovering the Wonder in the Classroom

keynotes Janet Allen, Laurie Halse Anderson, Tod Marshall, Reggie Rivers, and Tom Romano

2002: Taking Stories to Heart

keynotes Carol Booth Olson, Bill Strong, Jim Burke, Kent Haruf, Lorri Hewett

2001: Weaving New Fabrics for Learning

keynotes Kylene Beers, Li-Young Lee, Keith Gilyard


2000: The Things We'll Carry


1999: CLAS hosted the NCTE Annual Convention, Reimagining the Possibilities

1999: Imagine the Possibilities

keynotes Linda Rief, Robert Probst, Christopher Paul Curtis, Dan Kirby

1998: Steppin' Out

keynotes Maxine Greene, Charles Suhor, Sharon Draper, Caroline B. Cooney, Jack Collom

1997: Voices Shaping the Future

keynotes Rudolfo Anaya, Lorna Dee Cervantes

1996: Unlocking the Mystery of Language

keynotes John Berendt, Margaret Coel, Manuel Ramos, Jeff Golub, Warwick Downing, Alice Kawazoe



1994: Southwest Regional Conference; Changing Together: Classrooms and Communities

keynotes James Davis, Richard Lederer, Miles Myers, Peter Stillman

1994: The Power of Story and Myth -- Celebrating, Sharing, Learning

keynotes Opalanga Pugh, Will Hobbs

1993: American Voices: Celebrating Diversity as Readers and Writers

keynotes Peter Elbow, Gary Soto, Vivian Davis, Ruthanne Lum McCunn, Victor Villanueva

1992: Vision and Revision: Challenges for the 1990s


1991: A Legacy of Language

keynotes Richard Lederer, Peter Stillman, Chris Crutcher, Helene Willis, John and Kay Bushman, June Berkley, Bruce Appleby


1990: Colorado hosted the NCTE Spring Conference

1989: The Many Modes of Communication

keynotes Bill McBride, Mark Medoff, Leonard Olguine

1988: [theme unknown]

keynotes Jill Scott, Ernest Boyer, Nat Hentoff, Vance Brand, Betty Miles

1987: Celebrate Teaching

keynotes Ken Macrorie, Ellen Johnston-Hale, Alex English, Paula Danziger

1986: Language & Life: One Story

keynotes Edward Albee, Robert Cormier, John Goodlad, Woody Paige, Lois Duncan, Ruth Vinz

1985: Language: A Thinking Experience

keynotes Carol Kuykendall, Judith Crist, Sue Ellen Bridgers

1984: A Time for Excellence

keynotes T.H. Bell, Neil Postman, Rex Brown, Robert Cormier

1983: [theme unknown]

keynotes Joyce Brothers, Dan Kirby, William Durr, John Stansfield

1982: [theme unknown]

keynotes Shelton Root, Diane Shugert, Muriel Bach

1981: [theme unknown]

keynotes Paul Brandwein, Muriel Bach, J. Evans Alloway, Toby Lurie, Clive Cussler, Al Grankowski




1979: [theme unknown]

keynotes Jack Perkins, Marilyn VanDerbur, Elaine Barbour, Calvin Frasier, John Maxwell



1977: The Basics and Beyond

keynotes James Grey, Robert Newton Peck, Charlotte Brooks, Claudia Cohl, George Walter, Robert Sund



1975: The Challenge of the Future from the Ferment of the Past

keynotes Morris Massey, Elizabeth Wooten, Ernest J. Gaines





1972: Humanizing the Curriculum: Don't Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate

keynotes Stephen Dunning, Charlotte Brooks




1970: [theme unknown]

keynote Richard Eberhart









1965: [theme unknown]

keynote Charlton Laird

1964: [theme unknown]

keynote Arthur Kitzhaber

1963: Achieve the Liaison Between the High School and the College, the Junior High and the High School, and the Junior High and the Elementary Schools

keynote Jarvis E. Bush