Racing Rules:

·         Heats will be determined by drawing numbers prior to the initial race.

·         Appropriate attire is recommended for pilot (i.e. helmets or hard hats, rubber

gloves, snorkels, outhouse goggles, rubber boots, shower cap, clothing that

can get damaged, and protective clothing - knee and elbow pads).

·         Judging will be based on timed finishes and prizes will be awarded

·         No one under the age of 16 may participate.

·         A mandatory waiver will need to be completed by all race participants. Persons

ages 16-17 years must have waiver signed by parent or guardian.

·         Teams consist of four people, one must be female; three members push (pushers)

and one rides (pilot).

·         One registered alternate is allowed for each team, but can ONLY be used in case

of injury, emergency or for any other unpredictable circumstance. The alternate

cannot be used to relieve a tired team member

·         1 Team Member must be in the outhouse with the door closed before it can move

·         Outhouse is provided to all teams  

·         There will be a prize for best costume to be judged by the crowd