We are looking for volunteers to help make this 2017 a fun filled weekend. pleases contact Dennis Hapes at 515-450-4936 or dhapes@netins.net if you can help in any way. we will be having our first meeting on January 15th at 5pm at the Colo Fire Station we will plan on the third Sunday at 5pm at the fire station as the regular meeting unless posted otherwise please come with ideas to help make this a fun weekend for all. 

Thank You 

Please help us in thanking the fallowing people without them none of this would happen. This festival is put on every year by a volunteer staff made up of the following People .

Colo Fire Department Fire Fighters
DeAnne Luke
Julie Willis
Amy Kohlwes
Jon Carlton
Mary Oppedal
Joanie Jamison
Patty Geer

Betty Henderson
2016 Volunteers 
Madison Starling
Bob Wilson
Sharon Wilson
Keith McKinney
Russ O'Rourke
Danielle O'Rourke
Jan Robinson
Ginny Heintz
Dorothy Cerka
Joyce French

Jane Coughenour
Bob Jamison
Bill Tucker
Wayne Hanson
Pastor Lewis Flanigan
Pastor Doug Harding
Nancy Mileson
Brad Snodgrass
Irene Coughenour