The Son's Cinema

The entire war in 27min

Aerial view of a reenactment

A soldiers life in 4min

Berdan's Sharpshooters

Animated map of Chickamauga

Civil War medicine

Photography analyzed

Rare photos & footage of Civil War veterans

The artillery in 4min

Guns of the Civil War

Antietam told by James Earl Jones

Civil War battle flags

Naval Technology in 4min

lost ironclads & submarines

time lapse of the front lines throughout the war

photos in color (stunning)

The best 3 day animated map you'll find

How to be a Civil War drummer

150th Gettyburg reenactment on a go-pro

secret female soldiers

Full movie: Drums in the deep south

The making of Gettysburg the movie

FUll movie: Andersonville

Civil War prisons

Sherman on the march

Civil War ballooning

Infantry tactics in 4min

Who are the Zouaves in 4min