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They will include short presentations and contributions from participants initiated by the organisers.

For each workshop, the link is to the presentation of the theme.

1-  What curriculum for compulsory education? The case of number and calculation
Christine Chambris, Magali Hersant, Catherine Houdement

2- Networking and confronting theories at an international level
Angelika Bikner-Ahsbahs, Mariam Haspekian, Cristina Sabena

3- The Evolution of theoretical frameworks for didactical research  
Juan Godino, Brigitte Grugeon, Claire Margolinas

4- Research process and Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) in the teaching/learning of mathematics and experimental science
Cécile Ouvrier-Buffet, Amandine Decroix, et Guy Rumelhard

5- Epistemology and mathematics education research       
Renaud Chorlay, Cécile de Hosson, Uffe Jankvist

6-  Digital technology for the teaching of mathematics   
Maha Abboud-Blanchard, Mirco Maracci, Jana Trgalova

7-  The teaching of analysis and mathematics at post-compulsory level           
Imène Ghedamsi,  Asuman Oktaç, Laurent Vivier