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International Colloquium

The Didactics of Mathematics: Approaches and Issues.

A Hommage to Michèle Artigue

(Professor Emeritus of the University Paris Diderot, Past President CIEM/ICMI)

Place: Paris

Dates: May 31 to June 2, 2012

Languages: French, English, Spanish. Provision will be made to facilitate the participation of those expressing themselves in any one of these three languages.


The scientific contribution of Michèle Artigue is important, both within the didactics of mathematics in a strict sense as well as within research strands in the broader framework of “mathematics education”. The colloquium will relate to current work representative of the main themes of her contribution, while also constituting a “memory” of her contribution to these themes over the last forty years. These themes can be seen as the crossing of various sensitivities:

  • mathematics, its teaching, and research on its teaching,
  • research in the history and epistemology of mathematics, and research on teaching,
  • the didactics of mathematics and research strands in “mathematics education”,
  • the teaching of mathematics and the teaching of physical sciences.

The conference will also address itself to themes at the heart of Michele Artigue’s work, such as:

  • the didactics of mathematics and digital technologies for teaching (including Interactive Environments for Learning).
  • the didactics of analysis, and more generally the mathematics from secondary to higher education, including approaches to the curriculum.

The conference will be also based on Michèle Artigue’s areas of responsibility in France and in the international arena, and will tackle the question of “the researcher in the wider community”.

The objective of the conference is to put the focus on these themes and to prepare the ground for future developments. Proceedings will be published following the conference. 

Public: The conference is addressed to all the people who recognise themselves in these themes or are interested in all or part of the dimensions of the work of Michèle Artigue: researchers, teachers, teacher educators, people with responsibility… It will be a meeting place of development and exchange between various communities, in particular those who link teaching and research as the IREMs in France.

Scientific activities: The conference will include roundtables, plenary or semi-plenary lectures, workshops and a session of poster communications. Communications will be submited before January 15 2012. Accepted communications will be published in the proceedings.