Sports & Recreation

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Welcome to Collins Sports and Recreation!


Do you like soccer? Or maybe you're more of a badminton sort of person. Bowling? Nerf Battles? Croquet? Horseback riding? Soccer? Frisbee? Swimming? Camping? Etc?!? Or maybe you'd just like to chill in the courtyard and watch. Sounds like Collins Sports and Rec is for you. 


Camping Closet: The camping closet holds sleeping bags, tents, chairs, cooking utensils, mattress pads, and other sorts of things you might need to go camping. Camping equipment can be checked out by contacting me, but a few days notice can help me make sure you get your equipment!
Sports & Rec. Closet: 


·         Tennis rackets and balls

·         Croquet

·         Frisbees

·         Soccer ball

·         Basketball

·         Softballs and gloves

·         Four-square ball

·         Hula-hoops

·         Badminton rackets and birdies

·         And growing!