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What is BOP?

The Board of Programmers (affectionately called "BOP") is a group that provides large-scale social programming for Collins residents and seeks to uphold the major traditions of Collins.  We focus on the planning and execution of four major events throughout the school year, which include the Halloween Dance, the Dickens Dinner, the Viennese Ball, and CollinsFest.  Additionally, we assist with other big Collins traditions, such as Welcome Week and Hogwarts Week.

How is BOP structured?

We're led by one of the two vice presidents of Collins, and the VP works with the leadership and all the members of BOP to plan the many components of events.   The organization itself is divided into committees, which vary depend on the event. BOP is typically split into three committees: Promotions, Logistics, and Theme.  Volunteers are typically assigned to committees based on their personal preferences and perceived strengths.

What types of people join BOP?

Our current members have experience ranging from planning their high school prom to simply making arts and crafts in their spare time.  Even if you're not particularly artsy, BOP has plenty of opportunities for people who simply want to take part in something.  We're open to all Collins residents and we're always looking for new creative and organized minds!

How can I get involved with BOP?

If you're interested in helping out with a particular event, you can contact the VP BOP or you can simply show up to a meeting to join. 

What are BOP's policies?


All members must attend weekly meetings.  Members are allowed one unexcused absence per semester, and reasonable excused absences are allowed.


All members are allowed one vote each, and a member must be present for his or her vote to count.  The VP cannot vote unless there is a tie.