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The Collins Arts Council is comprised of community members who support and facilitate arts-related programming around the Living-Learning Center. The Council manages several studios throughout the LLC including a dark room, audio/video production lab, textile studio, ceramics studio, and more! The Council also meets to plan programs initiated and completed by students from within the community. Any member of Collins can propose an idea, become a member, and see the arts blossom in their community. Partnerships with the greater Indiana University as well as the Bloomington community are warmly welcomed!

The Council is led by a Chair and Vice Chair, who mediate meetings and monitor the budget. For general questions, please contact the Chair. If you have specific questions about a specific artistic medium, please contact the coordinator responsible for that area. All arts facility coordinators are also members of AC and include:


Audio Production/Music: 



Collins Columns: 


Dancing Star: 

Literary Arts: 


Textiles Guild: 

Theatre Arts: 

Vice Chair: 

Video Production: 

Visual Arts: 


Yearbook Staff Photographers: 

Meetings are every other Sunday at 4:00PM in the Collins Coffeehouse unless otherwise mentioned.
The schedule can be found on the Collins Event Calendar.