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The Collins Executive Board is comprised of student leaders who meet every other week to share position-related updates and discuss broader Collins issues. The board meets every other week at 7pm in the Edmondson Formal Lounge, and all meetings are open to the public.

Additionally, every member of Executive Board spends at least one hour per week in the Student Government Office, which is located in the Edmondson foyer across from the stained glass gnomes. Our office hours as displayed on the calendar at the bottom of the page - come by and see us!

Everyone listed below is a member of the Collins Executive Board.

Student Government

These leaders are either student-elected officials or appointed directors. They are all classified as members of Student Government.


Stephanie Corona (scorona)

The President organizes the student government at Collins and serves as the voice of Collins on the university level.

BOG Vice President

Maria Atkinson (maeatkin)

The BOG Vice President conducts meetings with the Board of Governors, who review funding proposals from residents.

BOP Vice President

Ashleigh Smith (smithasr)

The BOP Vice President conducts meetings with the Board of Programmers, who plan large-scale traditional programs at Collins.

Community Council Chair

Ashleigh Smith (smithasr) 

The Community Council Chair conducts weekly meetings with students and staff, who review space reservation and funding requests and discuss policy issues.

Judicial Board Chair

Ryan Vonderohe (rvondero)

The J-Board Chair conducts meetings of the Judicial Board, a staff of peers who hear cases about student infractions on university bylaws.

Director of Campus Involvement

Kishan Sangani (ksangani)

The Director of Campus Involvement integrates Collins with the IU community by seeking out opportunities for Collins residents to participate in large-scale campus programs and IU traditions.

Director of Communications

Lauren Thomas (thomasle)

The Director of Communications sends out the Gnome News, manages the Student Government website, and facilitates communication between the Executive Board and Collins residents.

Directors of E-Force

Colleen Leahy (ccleahy)

Madeline Griffitt (madegrif)

The Directors of E-Force plan environmental programs and advocate for student sustainability and environmental stewardship within Collins.

Director of Finance

Stephanie Corona (scorona)

The Director of Finance manages the financial transactions of the Board of Governors.

Director of Philanthropy 

Emily Kehoe (emkehoe)

The Director of Philanthropy provides opportunities for Collins residents to give back to IU and the Bloomington community, especially through our partnership with the Middleway House.

Director of Sports

Lizzie Hart (enhart)

The Director of Sports and Recreation plans recreational activities and oversees the camping and sports equipment in Collins.

 Director of Recreation

Primary Historian:

Jeneva Sumner (jensumne)


Historical Programming:

Kris Krumb (kris.krumb)


Columns Historian:

Meredith Waters (mgwaters)


Technical Historian:

Kevin Tanner (kevtanne)

The Historians chronicles the happenings of Collins, manages the Archive Room, and takes minutes during the Executive Board meetings.

Weekend Events Coordinators

Sabra Tolliver (saantoll)

The Weekend Events Coordinator plans a new program every Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, with each program being different from the last.

Executive Board Only

These leaders are involved in other realms of Collins or IU. They attend Executive Board meetings, but they are not members of Student Government.

Arts Council Chair

Cooper Bogan (cmbogan)

The Arts Council Chair accepts proposals to fund arts-related programs in Collins and conducts the meetings during which these proposals are reviewed.

Arts Council Vice Chair

Abigail Freeouf (afreeouf)

The Arts Council Vice Chair oversees the general finances of the Arts Council and provides support for the leadership of the Arts Council Chair.

BOEP Co-Chairs

Siarra Bazler (sibbazle)

Deshea Meely (dmeely)

The BOEP Co-Chairs accept proposals to fund educational programs in Collins and conduct the meetings during which these proposals are reviewed.

Cheshire Café Managers

Sabra Tolliver (saantoll)

Siarra Bazler (sibbazle)

The Cheshire Café Managers oversee Collins' non-profit café and facilitate student programming within its space.

RHA GA Delegates

Alex Nawroki (ajnawroc)

Jackson Gandour (jgandour)

The GA Delegates represent Collins to the General Assembly, the legislative body of the Residence Halls Association that addresses student issues within the residence halls.

Director of Health and Wellness

Hannah Ervin (hlervin)

The Director of Health and Wellness plans programs pertaining to student wellness, stress-management and healthy lifestyle choices.  

IUSA Senator

Stephanie Corona (scorona)

The IUSA Senator represents the Collins in the Student Body Congress, which is the official student voice of Indiana University.