About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit us. There's a unique goal here at Collins Nails, we are focus on quality technicians that will stay with us long term. We know technicians in this industry tend to hop around different salon, and as our client we know it's important to stick with a technician that you love. We're committed to finding quality technicians that are goal oriented and committed to service so client don't waste time looking for a technician that fit them. Providing a high quality job required years of skills and experience, excess time for training and education, proper tools and equipment investment and we have these minimum standard in place. We are not a cheap salon, also not the most expensive Nails Salon in town either. In order to provide all these value at affordable price, we ask you  just try us out and see for yourself, if you don't like it then no hard feeling as nothing is perfect. Some of our popular services listed below:
  • Solar Set
  • Organics Spa
  • Eyelash Extensions
  • Spa Pedicure & Manicure
  • Gel Nails
  • Dip Powder

Most Salon are self operated and are limited in resources to provide customers the service they deserve. A management team is crucial to the success of the business long term. Building a team of technicians that can work together and operate smoothly can be a real challenge. We strive to provide client a smooth service and transaction with exceptional quality. 

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