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My teaching philosophy is pretty simple: You learn by doing. During a typical lesson (either one period or several) you will be presented with a problem addressing a commonly held misconception, a surprising observation, or activity to spark your interest or curiosity. You will then be asked to make a prediction or hypothesis based on you current understanding of the world around you. The next step will be to obtain some data to support or refute your hypothesis. This will be supported with individual, small group and whole class discussions. Finally you will be asked to present your findings to the class, to be subjected to a peer review of your data and ideas. Additionally there will be a summative assessment at the end of each lesson or unit to address both your physics concept understandings and data analysis skills. In short, you will learn physics by doing physics. I believe this applies in all aspects of learning, if you are a 5 year old studying the patterns of the weather, a fourth grade student learning the basics of multiplication, a middle schooler focused on the question of who they are in relation to society, a Junior exploring the relationship between electricity and magnetism or an adult learning to create their first Google Form to be used in their class, we learn best by doing.

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