Minigrants Application

Collin County Adult Literacy Council


Guidelines for Mini-Grants


In order to be eligible to apply for mini-grants from the Collin County Adult Literacy Council, the following local expectations must be met:


  1. This year the mini-grants will be considered in first-come-first-served basis. Application period: August 01 to August 30, 2020. 
  2. The organization applying for the grant must maintain active membership on the CCALC (attend general meetings).
  3. A local governance must be documented which oversees the program and assures delivery of literacy instruction and an accounting procedure to track grant expenditures.
  4. Each local organization may apply for a mini-grant using the Mini-Grant Application Form
  5. Applications will be reviewed by a screening committee consisting of CCALC officers with the President serving as chairperson. The committee will make recommendations to the CCALC as a whole for approval.
  6. No later than six months after receipt of the grant, each recipient will be responsible for presenting a copy of the previous grant application and for preparing three copies of a report documenting how funds were spent.
  7. Expenditure of grant monies awarded must be restricted to the following categories: purchase of printed teaching or learning materials, teaching supplies, training,  and/or technology. 
  8. No adult literacy organization may apply for more than one grant during a 12-month period.
  9. Grant monies not distributed directly to local organizations may be spent according to needs as determined by the CCALC.
  10. Application form can be e-mailed to:
  11. The mini-grants will be awarded during our ESL Volunteer Tutor Training.  Applicants must be present at the general meeting to receive the mini-grant.

If interested, please see application form attached. For questions, more information, or a workable version of the application, please contact CCALC at
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