Minigrants Application

Collin County Adult Literacy Council


Guidelines for Mini-Grants


In order to be eligible to apply for mini-grants from the Collin County Adult Literacy Council, the following local expectations must be met:


  1. The organization applying for the grant must maintain active membership on the CCALC (attend general meetings).
  2. A local governance must be documented which oversees the program and assures delivery of literacy instruction and an accounting procedure to track grant expenditures.
  3. Each local organization may apply for a mini-grant up to the amount of $500.00          using the Mini-Grant Application Form. Application deadline is August 30, 2018. 
  4. Applications will be reviewed by a screening committee consisting of CCALC officers with the President serving as chairperson. The committee will make recommendations to the CCALC as a whole for approval.
  5. No later than six months after receipt of the grant, each recipient will be responsible for presenting a copy of the previous grant application and for preparing three copies of a report documenting how funds were spent.
  6. Expenditure of grant monies awarded must be restricted to the following categories: purchase of printed teaching or learning materials, teaching supplies, training,  and/or technology. 
  7. No adult literacy organization may apply for more than one grant during a 12-month period.
  8. Grant monies not distributed directly to local organizations may be spent according to needs as determined by the CCALC.
  9. Application form can be e-mailed to:
  10. The mini-grants will be awarded on September 22, 2018 during our ESL Volunteer Tutor Training at the McKinney Public Library.  Applicants must be present at the general meeting to receive the mini-grant.
  11. GED vouchers will be available all year.  Please use the GED Application Form.


    Collin County Adult Literacy Council (CCALC)

                 P.O. Box 861304, Plano, TX  75086





    Mini-Grant Application for 2018-19

    Due by 08/30/2018


    Name of Local Organization requesting funding: _______________________________


    Program: Administrator: _­­_________________Phone: __________________________


    Please provide information on the number of students and tutors you serve:



    Previous Year

    Current Year

    Anticipated number to serve during mini-grant period

    # of Students




    # of Tutors




    # of Actual Teaching Hours




    Type of Program and amount requested

    __  ESL


    $ _______









    Total Amount Requested: $_____________


    Justification Narrative: (Attachments welcomed)


    Implementation Narrative:


    I agree to become an active participant in the Collin County Adult Literacy Council.  In the event that this application is approved, a detailed financial report with the receipts will be due March 31, 2019, describing the disbursement of funds.  Failure to provide this report will result in not being considered for future mini grants.


    Name and Title ­­­­­­­­­­______________________                       Date ___________________




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