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Welcome! I am currently a Postdoc fellow in the Applied Probability group of the Institute of Applied Mathematics of the Delft University of Technology.

Working address


van Mourik Broekmanweg 6, 2628 XE Delft, The Netherlands

Room: W 1.540 (building 28)


f.collet-1 [AT] tudelft [DOT] nl

Research interests

My research activity mainly concerns Probability Theory applied to Statistical Mechanics. In particular, I am interested in fluctuations theorems for disordered mean field interacting particle systems. Recently, I have started working also on metastability for Markov processes.

Collateral topics: occupancy models.

Keywords: disordered models, exchangeable occupancy models, fluctuations, interacting particle systems, large and moderate deviations, Markov processes, mean field interaction, mixing and relaxation times, perturbation theory, self-organized behaviors, stochastic dynamics

Current Projects:

  • with Alessandra Bianchi: relaxation time for a two-population generalization of the Curie-Weiss model
  • with Paolo Dai Pra and Daniele Tovazzi: behavior of critical fluctuations of the Kuramoto model in presence of Hopf bifurcation
  • with Frank Redig: large deviations for molecular motors