Draft 09


MLB Draft 09......Once again College Players dominate the draft


by Rory Carrier


     Just a little over 67% of the players taken in the 09 draft were college players. No surprises with the number one pick Stephen Strasburg from San Diego State.  According to an article in ESPN magazine, Strasburg was not heavily recruited out of high school and quite a bit of success was attributed to his pitching coach and strength coach at the college.  Apparently Strasburg added 10mph on his fastball during his tenure at the college and lost a little bit of belly fat in the process.  Not too bad for being on a partial scholarship.  Strasburg touches 101-103mph on the radar gun consistently.   


Imagine how many Strasburgs the NCAA could produce if they upped the allotted scholarships from 11.7 to say around 25-30 or at least enough for a full roster anyway.  Remember there are still 45 plus NCAA D1 schools without programs.  Let's say in theory if all of those schools had D1 teams........

If roughly 67% of the players taken in the draft this year were college players this approximates to about 1020(give or take a couple players) total college players taken in the draft.  If there are roughly 302 NCAA D1 baseball teams, this approximates to about 3.38 players taken in the drafter per team.  Now some teams obviously have more players taken than other teams but again, this is a rough estimation.  So if miraculously those 45 teams ramped up their programs to full blown D1 status, maybe we would see a case in which an additional 50-150 additional players taken in the draft from college teams?  Ok, thats best case sceanario.


Other than that, the number two pick was Dustin Ackley of North Carolina.  A career .400 hitter in college with a major in exercise science can definitely help his cause. 


Wyoming and Montana from what I saw were some of the states that didn't produce any draft picks at all.  Not surprising since there are no D1 baseball schools in those states at all.  However, there are numerous club baseball teams.  Both Montana and Wyoming have numerous other D1 sports like football, basketball etc.  


Patrick Schuster the self proclaimed "No-Hit King", a high school standout who threw several consecutive no hitters was drafted but didn't sign and will be attending the University of Florida next season.   


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