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Omaha Wrap Up

by Rory Carrier

     Another successful college world series took place again this year.  The TV ratings were actually the best ever in World series History  We had some new teams (Virginia, Southern Miss) and some old newcomers came back as well. 

As everybody knows, LSU came out to be the champion to add on to their numerous championships that they already have.  For a summary of the games you can check out and click on their interactive bracket.  

     There are a few things that can be done to bump up the College World Series just a notch.

#1 - Instead of a 3 game championship decision, maybe we could try a 5 or 7 game series? This year the final three games were Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.  If it were 5 games you could've had an off day on Wednesday and maybe could've stretched the final games into Friday and Saturday night for more national attention.  Who knows, maybe even some out of towners would fly in just for the weekend to catch the last two games. More games equals more ticket revenue and extra benefit for the economy of Omaha.  Maybe the extra revenue could subsidize teams raked over the coals by title IX.  Oh cmon you know I had to throw that in there.  (The Title IX Baseball Cut list )

#2 -  Congratulations on the New Stadium planned for downtown Omaha.  The only question I have is....why is the capacity of the new stadium only 20,000 or so fans?  Why not a 40,000 seat stadium.  If you can't sell out 40,000 seats, drop the upper deck prices to single dollars or you can just give tickets away.  You'll make the money back on concessions.  ESPN doesn't have to show empty seats on national tv anyway.  Again, more money for Omaha, then the ncaa can subsidize teams raked over the coals by title IX. (Title IX Baseball Cut List

#3 - Cheerleaders.  Let's get some.  The major leagues have started to incorporate some dancing girls into the game.  The NCAA should start working on it as well.   If the NCAA and Title IX rear end kissing schools want to really "comply" with Title IX so they can get their additional federal corporate welfare check for their athletic program(which is probably the main reason why NCAA softball and other women's sports get more scholarships than Men's Baseball.  You can take the scholarships away from women's crew (which is about 20) and give it to cheerleaders.)   Then you can mandate cheerleaders to show up to baseball games for your school.  That'll bring more fans into that new 40,000 seat stadium you should be building in Omaha.  

#4 - Let's bring a Summer Wood Bat Championship series to Omaha.....or somewhere else for that matter.  Cape Cod League vs. Alaskan Wood Bat League.  Maybe we could throw some other popular and highly competitive wood bat leagues into a double elimination tournament.   The NCAA only uses aluminum bats to save money anyway.  If more college players used wood bats year round we would actually see more Americans in the major leagues instead of non Americans that are signed out of grade school who also happened to be trained full time year round.  The National Baseball Congress holds a championship tournament for wood bat teams, but unfortunately the MLB subsidized wood bat leagues won't get together for one yet.   

#5 - Bring back the Home Run Derby Grandpa- The College World Series used to have it, the NCBA ( National Club Baseball Association ) has one.  Again, more revenue and some added fun and excitement.  

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