New Cans for Ctown

The current trash and recycling cans in Collegetown are gray, dreary, and poorly marked.  We will be replacing them with 4 pairs of trash and recycling cans.  The recycling will be the same can as trashed, but modified so that only cans and bottles can pass through, and brightly identified.  We chose the Landmark Series Classic Container from Rubbermaid to replace the current cans in Collegetown.  You can view the can below, or on the Rubbermaid website.



  • Constructed of durable, chemical resistant, engineered polymer for easy cleaning and long life. Newer cans on Cornell Campus are made of similar plastic.
  • Top is hinged (like newer Cornell cans), for easy access by trash collectors.
  • Clear acrylic side panels (ordered separately), with special backing, allow us to easily insert artwork without further modification of the can.
  • The can comes with a rigid interior liner

Proposed Modifications

  • On trash containers, a vertical bar will be placed in each opening to reduce the size of the space, in order to minimize dumping.
  • On recycling containers, the space will be filled with a metal panel with a round hole cut in to allow bottles and cans to pass through.
  • Cans will be bolted to the street


  • Volume Capacity: 50 gallons
  • Height: 46.5 in
  • Length: 26 in
  • Width: 26 in
Model Numbers
  • 3975 Landmark Series® Classic Container Dome Top Frame with 3959 Rigid Liner
  • 4005 Clear Panels with Backing for Advertising